Fort Lauderdale Business Broker: Gig Economy And Labor Shortage

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The state of business in South Florida in 2021 is radically different from that of 2018. Fort Lauderdale Business Brokers agree that everything has changed. One change that is perhaps at the top of the list as a problem that needs to be addressed is the labor shortage that is affecting the economy as a […]

Businesses in Fort Lauderdale Now Is A Good Time To Sell

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Businesses in Fort Lauderdale it’s wonderful to have electricity, isn’t it? We can use the current in our businesses to warm water, cook food, and cool the office, among other things. What would we do without it? When used properly, electricity is a wonderful thing. However, when it is not handled properly, it can shock […]

When selling your Fort Lauderdale business, think like a buyer

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Are you a Fort Lauderdale Business Owner? It is important to consider a number of factors when trying to sell your Fort Lauderdale business. You might want to consider using a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker or the other way to anticipate a buyer’s moves before they do is to get an edge on them. You […]

Businesses in Fort Lauderdale want these things when selling

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Here is a wish list for a typical seller in Fort Lauderdale of a small business. As for what would make the process more seamless overall, entrepreneurs who are selling their companies in Fort Lauderdale and those looking to buy generally agree. Although The Company Seller is Fort Lauderdale Business Broker, we can help you […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Fort Lauderdale Business

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Although The Company Seller is a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker, we can help you sell your company anywhere in the state of Florida.  The elements of the sales process should be considered by anyone selling a business. Here are a few considerations business brokers can assist with: Know what you want – Think it through […]

3 Reasons to Sell your Fort Lauderdale Business

Some Fort Lauderdale Entrepreneurs think to themselves, “when should I sell my Fort Lauderdale business?” Owners who contemplate selling their business do not necessarily do so due to financial difficulties or troubles, but rather because they are seeking opportunities. The Company Seller is a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker Consider the following three factors when considering […]

Why You Should Hire a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker

If you are planning to sell your Fort Lauderdale business, a Fort Lauderdale business broker can be of great assistance to you. The majority of companies wish to preserve their business operations and reputation. These companies will do whatever it takes in order to protect their customers and key employees. A business broker can assist […]

3 ways to value a Fort Lauderdale Company

It is essential to understand the value of your Fort Lauderdale business in order to plan effectively. Consider using a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker. There are three different methods to determine the value of a business in Fort Lauderdale: The Asset Approach The going concern value is the value of the assets with the company […]

Determining a Fort Lauderdale company’s value?

Your Fort Lauderdale business is ready to be sold, and you are considering using the proceeds to help finance your retirement or a future endeavor. The market value of your business can be determined in a number of ways. Consider contacting a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker. Calculate the value of the assets. Calculate the value […]

Calculating the value of a Fort Lauderdale business for sale?

Would you like to own a small Fort Lauderdale business or expand your existing Fort Lauderdale business by purchasing a competitor? It may be less risky and easier to purchase an existing Fort Lauderdale company than to start one from scratch. However, the process of determining the value of the business can be difficult. Often, […]

What documents do you need to sell a company in Fort Lauderdale?

Consider this: when you are considering selling your Fort Lauderdale business, prospective buyers are seeking clear, objective facts that will convince them that your organization will be a profitable investment for them. You might want to consider contacting a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker. In spite of their initial interest in your business for other reasons, […]

Can you sell a business yourself?

You may be wondering if you own a business and are contemplating retirement: Should I sell my company myself or hire a Florida business broker? There may be a decision to be made regarding whether to pass your business on to one or more of your relatives. One consideration is whether they are capable and […]