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Businesses in Fort Lauderdale want these things when selling

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Businesses in Fort Lauderdale want these things when selling

Here is a wish list for a typical seller in Fort Lauderdale of a small business. As for what would make the process more seamless overall, entrepreneurs who are selling their companies in Fort Lauderdale and those looking to buy generally agree.

Although The Company Seller is Fort Lauderdale Business Broker, we can help you sell your company anywhere in the state of Florida.

What the seller wants:

  • In addition to someone Fort Lauderdale with the financial means to make a down payment and obtain financing, it describes someone who has experience owning or managing a business – possibly with familiarity with the industry itself. More than likely, a qualified buyer has established ties to the geographic area and, if married or in a domestic relationship, has his partner’s support.
  • A solid, reasonable, and timely offer is appreciated by a seller. The seller anticipates contingencies in the offer but expects them to be reasonable. Lease transfers with equitable terms for the buyer are one of the most common contingencies.
  • As part of the due diligence phase, sellers are happy to answer questions and share pertinent information; however, buyers should take care not to ask questions or make statements that may be interpreted as insults by the seller. A buyer should use common sense to determine how best to bring up past decisions made by the seller or how the business is run on a daily basis. When an offer has been accepted, buyers should prepare their due diligence requests in writing as soon as possible.
  • It is important that the closing be a time of celebration for both parties, not for second-guessing, bickering, or hesitation. Getting an experienced business transfer attorney in Fort Lauderdale is essential. All pre-closing paperwork should be completed by the time everyone is seated at the closing table, and the buyer and seller should feel confident that they are achieving a win-win situation.
  • Selling a business efficiently – Most sellers, particularly those who built the business from scratch, want to see the business grow and succeed. During the training period after the closing, sellers want their buyers to be successful, and most will go out of their way to ensure they are completely comfortable with all aspects of the business. This phase involves introducing the buyer to suppliers and customers, as well as demonstrating how to run an office and schedule employees.

During my time as a Fort Lauderdale business broker, I have enjoyed working with buyers and sellers who are honest, reasonable, and cooperative. Maintaining a professional and positive attitude throughout the process of business transfer will go a long way toward reaching a successful closing.



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