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Businesses in Fort Lauderdale Now Is A Good Time To Sell

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Businesses in Fort Lauderdale Now Is A Good Time To Sell

Businesses in Fort Lauderdale it’s wonderful to have electricity, isn’t it? We can use the current in our businesses to warm water, cook food, and cool the office, among other things. What would we do without it? When used properly, electricity is a wonderful thing. However, when it is not handled properly, it can shock and hurt, doesn’t it? What does this have to do with Fort Lauderdale Business Brokers?

When you plug in your clothes dryer, what would happen if you had your finger on the metal part of the plug? The electricity would shock you, and it is so strong that it might not let you go, resulting in death.

Why in the world am I mentioning electricity on a website about Fort Lauderdale Businesses? Do you want to know how to sell your business in South Florida, specifically in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? The truth is that I see it every day! I will explain. When entrepreneurs in South Florida are in their twenties, they fight like hell to find a way to make money. If they are lucky, they might find it, but it may not bring in a lot of money. When you reach your thirties, you’ve found something you’re proud of, maybe it pays the bills well enough for you to take a few vacations a year and enjoy life. Once you reach your forties, money finds you. As we get into our forties, distractions and bad decisions are not running the show and our focus has become clear. It’s easier than ever to make money. In my experience, this is usually the case.

I find what happens psychologically very interesting. South Florida Businesspersons in their 40s who run businesses are now so happy that their business is generating all of this cash flow that they refuse to let go! Are you using electricity in a proper manner, or is it controlling you? There are more often than not instances where the current has grabbed the business owner who will not let go of the business no matter what! There’s something about the mind: it remembers 20 years of struggle to finally make the big bucks and because it’s the business that finally paid them; they can’t let go. The current holds them captive and the addiction to the money it produces as well as the fear of letting go of it is a perfect storm of not being able to let go.

Fort Lauderdale Business owners should examine their lives a little closer. Developing the tools, the knowledge, the success, etc. took the owner 20 years, so it’s not the business paying the owner all that money. Furthermore, it proves the owner is smart enough, experienced enough, and tough enough to successfully own a business. As a result, selling a business can lead to tremendous success. If you are doing well, then you should sell. Don’t let the business own you, you are always the boss of your business.

When you sell a business and let it go, you create a liquidity event. With this available liquidity, a much larger business is now able to be leveraged that produces much more cash flow than the one currently held. Now go, move up, and have fun. One does not hold on to something past its expiration date; one simply stays devoted and moves on to the next adventure.


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