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A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Fort Lauderdale Business

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Fort Lauderdale Business

Although The Company Seller is a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker, we can help you sell your company anywhere in the state of Florida.  The elements of the sales process should be considered by anyone selling a business. Here are a few considerations business brokers can assist with:

Know what you want – Think it through
Are you planning to retire completely or do you want to continue working on the business? Will you relocate from Fort Lauderdale or stay where you are? Interestingly, some people are not clear on these basic goals. Having your goals and ways to attain them refined will help you increase your chances of success.

Knowing what you are selling and why you are selling it
Will your Fort Lauderdale business grow or decline? Will the competition get tougher? Is the facility or equipment operating properly or have they reached the end of their useful commercial lives. How much capital does the business need to be profitable? What percentage of your clients come from you (goodwill)? Do you want to embrace a new chapter in your life or are you tired of the rat race? An experienced business broker knows how to portray each of these circumstances to your greatest advantage.

Make sure your records are organized and understandable
An honest disclosure of information is the seller’s duty to a buyer. Fort Lauderdale Business brokers and the sale of your Fort Lauderdale business will be made easier if you organize your financials, net worth statements, contracts, employment procedures, etc. to enable them to discern clear information without having to conduct time-consuming research. Your professional may be able to reorganize your information to your benefit (of course). It helps to have easily readable records.

Price vs. Marketing – The Two Big Questions
As a Fort Lauderdale business seller, you will always wonder, “How much can I get?” and “How and to whom should I sell?” The Company Seller is a Fort Lauderdale Business Broker and an expert in these fields. We work for you. Our goal is to maximize your financial return and to be honest with you if your expectations are unreasonable. We know where to find potential customers, how to advertise, and how to package your offer. A pending sale could harm the business and its chances for a sale if the public knows about it?

All of these situations are studied and experienced by our professional business brokers. This is what we do. Our services optimize the return on your assets as well as the expediency of the sale.


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